Website Design Package

Website Design package

Website Design Package. Please note that while your design project is in process, your monthly hosting solution is fully accessible and functional. As such, the monthly hosting charges you agreed to upon purchase will not be suspended even if you choose to wait for the completion of your design project to begin building or selling. If you have any questions about how to prepare or use your store while the design project is still in process, please contact our technical support department by phone(800-00-0000, live chat, or ticket.


  • Responsive Template Design
  • Responsive Homepage Design
  • Custom Category Layout Design
  • UI Theme Design

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No page on your website is more important than your homepage. With our custom Homepage Design, our design team will create a user experience that is 100% tailored to your store. Work directly with our team of designers to fashion a tailor-made homepage.

The look and feel of a top quality template makes all the difference in the appeal and trustworthiness of your store. Let our Design Team work with you to create a custom template that meets the needs of your business and your shoppers.

Want to make sure that your brand identity is carried throughout every area of your store? Work with our Design Team to create a custom UI Theme for your store, from the homepage to the checkout. Every item will have a cohesive look and feel, including typography, buttons, inputs and headings, allowing you to better reflect your brand identity in a seamless fashion.

Customize the layout of your category pages, featured products and search results pages with a custom design from Michlo. This allows you to give your customers the exact shopping experience they are looking for and showcase your products in an attractive way.